The Meeting House – Visit

This purpose of this page is to provide information related to Mark Baker’s visit to The Meeting House, Jan. 2018

Thank you for your willingness to engage in conversation with me. As preparation for our time together, please first watch the brief introductory video, and then watch the video that explains the approach to church ministry I want to explore with you. Reflection questions follow. You may start the conversation now by making comments on this page, or just bring your notes and thoughts to our meeting together. I look forward to conversation with you. Thanks, Mark

First, Watch: Brief introduction video and explanation of the why and how of the process

Second, Watch: A video from one of my classes that explains the concepts I want to explore with you.

Reflection Questions

How have you experienced a centered approach through the leadership of others? What fruits of that have you observed in your life? In the life of a church group?

What is an example your use of a centered approach. How does it differ from what a bounded or fuzzy approach would do in the same situation?

How have you experienced resistance to a centered approach? From more bounded people? From more fuzzy people?

What have you found helpful in responding to this resistance? Moving people from bounded to centered? Moving people from fuzzy to centered?

You are welcome to start the conversation below. I look forward to meeting with you and am excited to learn with you and from you, and to see ripples from our time together flow to out to touch others.




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